How it works

The Newark Bike Project is a community repair shop that offers shared access professional tools and knowledgeable volunteer mechanics. Individuals who have no experience or lots of it can come to work on bikes and meet others in the community. The mission of NBP is to educate, create community, and empower folks in a way that encourages sustainability!  Funding comes primarily from the sale of used bikes that have been donated by the community but also from financial donations, grants, and parts sales.


Around November 2011, a handful of community members and students started planning to bring a community-focused bike coop to Newark. This group took their cues from Urban Bike Project in Wilmington, an organization that has been serving Wilmington in commendable fashion for over seven years. With their help, and help from local companies and organizations (particularly Lang Development Group and White Clay Bike Club), NBP was born. The organization occupied a temporary location near the intersection of S. College and Park Avenues for the first half of 2012. In August, 2013, NBP relocated to its current location (58 E. Main Street). It’s a very young organization that is really working hard to ensure that the organizational structures are in place so that NBP continues to contribute to the community for years to come.


The Newark Bike Project is organized and operated by volunteers like you! Residential and University of Delaware communities members in Newark. Anyone who is passionate about biking, helping others, learning, and improving their community through the advancement of biking is encouraged to join us!