Board & Bylaws

Meet the Board!
The Board of Directors is an elected group of individuals who work together to organize the efforts of the bike shop, set strategic direction, and make major executive decisions.  They are elected every May. If you have any questions or concerns you would like to address at the Newark Bike Project, feel free to stop these folk at the bike shop or write an email to You can also read more about the formal procedures of NBP in the Bylaws.

Bob Rollings

BobMy name is Bob Rollings. I’ve been a Newark area resident for over 30 years. I’m a retired DuPont engineer. I’ve been into biking all my life and started mountain biking about 4 years ago. I’ve done bike repair since I was a teenager. I just discovered the Newark Bike Project last summer; about the time NBP moved into South Main St. I love it. I like the organization’s mission, and I really enjoy the company of the other volunteers…kindred spirits. I would like to be on the board because I’d like to help NBP prosper and expand. I’d like to help us improve our marketing to make us more widely known in the community.

Tom Costello

TomCTom Costello is an extremely active volunteer with NPB. He joined NBP in 2014 and quickly became a go-to guy with any mechanics issues. Tom has attended several board meetings and is a core member of the NBP team.

Jamie Orlando

JamieJamie Orlando is the current programming director at NBP as well as a musician and software developer.  Originally from NJ, he is a 2003 graduate of UD, and loved living in the state of Delaware so much that he’s been here ever since!

Steve Reynolds

SteveSteve Reynolds served on the 2013-2014 NBP Board. While on the board he was in charge of managing the shop. Steve still takes care of many of those tasks in addition to his role as an active volunteer.

Ricky Nietubicz

RickyI first came to Newark to attend the University of Delaware, and finished my undergrad in 2007, and my Master of Public Administration degree in 2009. After a brief few years away, my wife and I returned to Newark in 2012 as I began working for the City, initially in Planning and Development. I’m currently serving as the City’s Community Affairs Officer, where my primary role is to build strong community relationships . My bikes (one from the NBP!) serve as my primary transportation year-round. In addition to government experience working closely with our community and the variety of businesses, small and large, in Newark, I’ve had leadership and staff roles in large nonprofits down state.

Heather Dunigan

heatherDuring her 20 years with WILMAPCO, Heather Dunigan, Principal Planner, has been working to promote transportation choices through community planning. Walking and bicycling have been central to the projects she has managed, including the East Coast Greenway Plan, Newark Bicycle Plan and a variety of community transportation plans. As coordinator for WILMAPCO’s Nonmotorized Transportation Working Group, Heather has been able to educate and promote good pedestrian and cycling design to citizens, municipalities and our other agencies. Heather also is a member of the Newark Bicycle Committee and East Coast Greenway Trails Council. Personally, Heather sets an example by walking to work daily.

 2018-2019 Board of Directors:
Chairperson: Jamie Magee
Treasurer: Lester Stein
Communications/Secretary: Heather Dunigan
Programming: Jamie Orlando
Bob Rollings
Tom Costello
Em McKeever
Ricky Nietubicz
Steve Reynolds
*      *      *
2017-2018 Board of Directors:
Jamie Magee, Heather Dunigan, Jamie Orlando, Bob Rollings, Tom Costello, Em McKeever, Ricky Nietubicz, Steve Reynolds
2016-2017 Board of Directors:
Jamie Magee, Steve Reynolds, Dustyn Roberts, Em McKeever, Bob Rollings, Heather Dunigan, Jamie Orlando, Tom Costello, Ricky Nietubicz
2015-2016 Board of Directors:
Jamie Magee, Steve Reynolds, Dustyn Roberts, Bob Rollings, Heather Dunigan, Jamie Orlando, Tom Costello, Ricky Nietubicz
2014-2015 Board of Directors:
Jamie Magee, Rory Murray, Kim Caruso, Tim Hodson, Steve Reynolds, Zack Rachell, Nathan Tlaseca
2013-2014 Board of Directors:
 Rory Murray, Thijs Lanckriet, Carrie Barnum, Sindhu Siva, Tom Price, Steve Reynolds, Patrick Correale
2012-2013 Board of Directors:
 Angela Cunneely, Justin de Leon, Thijs Lanckriet, Katya Samoteskul, Sean Stellfox, Niki Suto, Frank Warnock
2011-2012 Founders:
Niki De Leon, Jamie Magee, Rob Rehrig, Justin De Leon, Tyler Jacobson, Chris Richard, Amy Roe, Harrison Stigler, Gabriel Bisio