Our bike project relies on donated bicycles, parts, and funds. Rather than let your unused bikes take up space or end up in a landfill, let us refurbish them for a new life on the streets of Newark! Depending on the condition of the bike, our volunteer mechanics will either strip it down for parts to be used on other bikes, or we’ll refurbish it to working condition. Refurbished bikes are either:

  • given to residents in need in the Newark area
  • given to kids in reward for their learning to repair them
  • sold at an affordable price to raise money to cover operation of the shop (rent, tools, supplies, insurance, utilities, etc.)

The shop itself is not only where we fix up bikes, but also a teaching workshop that directly benefits Newark cyclists by empowering them to repair their own bikes with professional tools and access to volunteer mechanic expertise.

Either way, your donation stays out of the landfill, helps enable others to own a bike, and might even result in one less car the next time you are on Main Street! All of us at NBP are volunteers.

Due to space limitations, we are currently accepting adult bicycles in fixable condition, as well as any bicycle parts. You may drop them off during any of our shop hours. Attach your name and email address in order to receive a donation receipt. Donations are tax deductible. You must declare the value; NBP cannot assign values.

If you have multiple bicycles to donate that you feel are worthwhile for us to pickup, please email us at so we can attempt to arrange a volunteer to pick them up in a truck.

If you have youth bicycles in READY TO RIDE CONDITION (20″ wheels or smaller), we will accept them but also consider donating them to UrbanBikeProject in Wilmington during their hours, to a local Goodwill, or to a neighbor who can use them.

Please email us at if you have questions about donating a bike, money, or other items.