Volunteer Info

NBP is run almost entirely by volunteers, including the Board of Directors.

What do volunteers do?

As a volunteer at NBP, you could do a host of things, including…

  • fixing up, and teaching others to fix up, our donated bicycles to make them rideable and safe. And if you don’t know much about bikes, we will teach you!
  • helping customers learn to fix their own bicycles
  • maintaining the shop
  • sorting parts or organizing retail products
  • cleaning bikes
  • intaking and entering donated bikes
  • pumping tires
  • arranging bikes for sale
  • taking inventory of bikes and supplies in the shop
  • greeting incoming visitors to answer questions and direct them
  • helping customers select and test ride a bicycle
  • issuing specialized tools and parts to customers while they fix their bikes
  • checking out customer purchases
  • shop construction and development projects
  • creating signs, training materials, and instructional documents
  • serving on committees for various shop functions, initiatives, and special events
Volunteering can be in the shop as well as off-site for events, committee meetings, and administrative assistance.  The NBP shop manager will be maintaining hours, so be sure to sign in when you are volunteering. NBP volunteer hours count toward community service requirements for most high schools, including Newark High School.

How can I get involved?

Email us at info@NewarkBikeProject.org at least two days in advance, and let us know if you can attend a 20-30 minute volunteer orientation on…
  • Monday or Thursday 7pm
  • Saturday 1pm
It’s important that you email us ahead of time, so that we know you’re coming in and can schedule someone to orient you. You’ll get a tour of the shop, how we work, and discuss volunteering opportunities. During some orientations, we have time for a hands-on flat tire repair workshop. That’s one of the most useful skills in our shop!
You can stay as long as you like during the rest of that shift, or you can come back to volunteer another time.
Check our calendar for what’s happening at NBP.  We encourage new volunteers to start by coming to our evening/weekend “Open Shop” D.I.Y. hours (when we allow customers to work on their own bikes). These busy and fun sessions present the most variety of volunteering tasks and collaboration with other volunteers. If the shop manager on duty does not already know you, please let him or her know that you’re a new volunteer and they will try to find a way to get you involved depending on your interests! We encourage you to attend a volunteer orientation before volunteering, but it’s not necessary in that order; you can attend the next one for which you’re available. Once you have volunteered and feel comfortable working on your own, you are also welcome to volunteer during any daytime retail hours.
In addition to our published shop hours and volunteer orientations, you can optionally learn more at our Mechanic Training Classes.  So that we can ensure all mechanics have a consistent and safe fundamental knowledge of repairs, mechanics courses are available several times per year. You must register in advance via email to take a mechanics class. A fee applies, but active volunteers can have this waived.

Youth Volunteering

Volunteers 10 – 18 years of age are allowed to volunteer either with a parent or with a signed permission form on file.

Volunteer benefits

Volunteering with NBP offers lots of fun working with others who are excited to be there. You’ll get to help others in your community, and you can learn as much about bicycles and mechanics as your brain can handle! In addition, in appreciation for all the volunteering work that powers NBP, we offer the following benefits to regular volunteers:
After your first 20 hours of volunteering, you will receive…
  1. An NBP “Volunteer” T-shirt
  2. Class fees waived (up to $50 per year, which is enough to take our entire mechanics course series)
  3. Invited to end of the year volunteer appreciation dinner

After your initial 20 hours, and if you continue to average 5 hours (approximately two volunteering events) per month, active volunteers in good standing receive the following discounts for one’s own/partner’s/family’s use (not for other friends or for resale)…

  1. Shop fees waived for Open Shop repairs
  2. 25% discount on your purchases in the NBP shop, including bikes, parts, merchandise
  3. 10% above wholesale pricing for any items you order through our supplier catalogs, which includes just about every biking component, accessory, apparel, supply, tool, and other outdoor gear, as well as a few brands of complete bicycles.
Still have more questions?  Email us at info@NewarkBikeProject.org.
Thanks and we look forward to meeting you!