Vintage English 3-Speed Fixup

Vintage Bike Workshop

Sunday, October 7th from 2 to 5pm

Come one, come all!  To the first of many vintage bike workshops!  It will NOT require any prior mechanical knowledge — as with all NBP events, there will be a lot of learning going on!  Jamie Magee along with other 3-speed enthusiasts will lead the class starting with a little intro to the history and benefits of 3-speed bikes, then getting into the gears of our stock of city bikes.  This is a great opportunity to learn new things about old bikes.  Feel free to come even if for only part of the day.  Cheerio!

The list of to-do’s will include:

  • repacking bearings as needed
  • installing new tires
  • recabling brakes and replacing brake pads as needed
  • flushing, oiling, and adjusting 3-speed hubs and shifters
  • polishing rust off of chrome and wiping down frames
  • drinking English beers (for the aged attendees)
  • pricing the results

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