UD Yoga Club Thanksgiving Mindful Eating Potluck

Sunday, November 18th, 6pm

This Sunday (11/18) the Yoga Club will be teaming up with the Newark Bike Project to present you with a Thanksgiving Mindful Eating
Potluck! A great way to meet other people within the club, and the community, while eating great food and taking a minute to appreciate
the greatness around us, and in the food we eat.

EVERYONE is welcome and encouraged to join at 6pm on 7 Elkton Road. Bring a dish of any sort (preferably healthy, bring awareness to what you eat!) and get ready for a good time! We’ll start with a short meditation followed by feasting and friends, so feel free to come late/leave early for whatever reason if you need to, we’ll be around! Any questions feel free to email Debbie at dzandi@udel.edu.