NBP Board Elections in May 2013

We are having NBP Board Elections in May 2013.

We envision Board membership as a position of service to ensure the future direction of our beloved organization.

Here are some of the details of our elections: there is no campaigning and one has to be nominated by another person in order to be “on the ballot.” We have elections every year for seven Board Members and anyone can be nominated (upon nomination each individual can decide whether they accept that nomination or not). Once the board is elected, individual roles (Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, etc) will be voted/decided upon by the Board.

Please start thinking and looking out for NBP community members who you think would best act upon the best interest of the organization! Also keep in mind that the best way to get more information about nominating and voting for Board Members is to be more active within the NBP community by being present and getting to know others in our organization!

Our current board members are:

Angela Cunneely
Justin de Leon
Thijs Lanckriet
Katya Samoteskul
Sean Stellfox
Niki Suto
Frank Warnock