Multi-Faith Devotional Gathering – Mon, Nov 4th, 7:30pm

Bike Shop De-vo-tional-al (ˈbīk – shäp – diˈvōSHənl ): A Bike Shop Devotional at NBP isdiversity-hands a multi-faith event where members of the community are welcome to come and share prayers, poetry, readings and/or songs that are spiritually uplifting. Friends gather in a circle and can share their contribution whenever it feels right for them – of course, sitting and listening to others share is also more than welcome. Devotionals are open and welcome to all! Please invite others if you so please.

The Bike Shop Devotional is scheduled for Nov 4th at 7:30pm.

We look forward to having you. Please feel free to bring any spiritually uplifting writings. Musical instruments are also encouraged.