Year End Review and More Volunteering!!

Photo by Srikanth Beldona

Photo by Srikanth Beldona

By Sindhu Siva

I can’t thank you all enough for sticking with us (especially in this cold – we’re working on getting the heat fixed, I promise!!) – I hope you all enjoyed the volunteer dinner and I look forward to many more fun volunteer events this year (anybody interested in leading a social committee?)!

Pat wrote a State of the Bike Shop statement in January that I really dropped the ball on passing on…so here it is finally! (Sorry Pat!!!) I think you’ll find some interesting stats in there, to which I’d also like to add that we’ve donated over 20 children’s bikes (I believe it is something like 25 at this point) during the last 12 months to several elementary schools, including West Park Elementary, Downes Elementary, and Warner Elementary. We’ve also distributed an INSANE (because I don’t have an exact stat on me at this moment and I don’t want to put off writing this e-mail any longer) number of bike lights that are helping keep lots of Newark cyclists safe. We could not have done all this without all of you!

So I’ll end this e-mail by just saying that it’s not an exaggeration that we love all of you and hope to keep seeing you all at the shop regularly. Here’s (click the link!) that tabling sign-up sheet I promised at the volunteer dinner to ensure that happens 😉

Have a great night and stay warm!!!