2014 Board elections: Nominations are now open!

The elections for the 2014-2015 Board of Directors will take place May 29-June 5th, and we are now accepting nominations. To nominate a community member, please send your nominations to Thijs, NBP’s Treasurer and this year’s election administrator.

The election process will have the following timeline:

  1. Nominations can be submitted until May 22 by emailing thijs.lanckriet@gmail.com
  2. Nominees will be notified and may accept or decline their nomination by May 28.
  3. Voting takes place online from May 29 – June 5.

We will elect seven Board Members and anyone can be nominated (upon nomination each individual can decide whether they accept that nomination or not). Keep in mind that you may nominate as many people as you would like. However, individuals may not nominate themselves, nor campaign for inclusion as a Board member. Individuals are elected as general board members, not for specific roles  (Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, etc). Once the new board is elected, these roles will be decided upon by the board.

For the first time this year, up to two board positions will be available as two-year positions. Candidates who are nominated have the option to select either a one-year or a two-year board term. If there are more than two candidates who opt for the two-year board term, the two candidates who receive the highest amount of votes are appointed to the board for two years. Other candidates are still eligible for one-year board term, even if they requested a two-year board appointment. If there is one or no candidate who opted for a two year board term, then the other board positions will still have a one-year term.

Elections happen every year and they are based on community participation – premised on a voting process that is free from campaigning. As such, it is important for everyone in the community to get to know one another, so when the time comes next year for board elections, all members will be able to identify  individuals who will best represent the interest of the Newark Bike Project.

Every person who has visited the Newark Bike Project at least once by the start of the voting (May 29th) is eligible to vote. Voting will take place by secret ballot, however, you must register to vote by emailing thijs.lanckriet@gmail.com (this is only to register who votes, the content of your vote will remain secret).

Please start thinking and looking out for NBP community members who you think would best act upon the best interest of the organization! Also keep in mind that the best way to get more information about nominating and voting for Board Members is to be more active within the NBP community by being present and getting to know others in our organization!

Please review NBP By-laws about election and Board responsibilities. For more information, talk to any member of the current board.