NBP Chainbreaker Collaborative – Summer 2013

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This month NBP has taking to the streets of Newark with a contingency of youth (ages 10 – 15) ready to make our community a better place!  The Chainbreaker Collaborative is a 6-weeks program that meets on Sunday afternoons and emphasizes community service, character development, and biking in Newark.

ChainbreakerCollaborative_IMG_1648The youth explore virtues such as Unity, Respect, Creativity, Teamwork, Kindness, and Joy through participating in community service.

Some of the recent projects have include harvesting vegetables, pulling weeds and planting tomatoes at the ELI Garden.  This past week they visited with Mayor Funk at his office on Main Street and proceeded to conduct a scavenger hut that led the youth to give out high-5’s, ask people on the street to define respect, and tell jokes to those walking around town.

ChainbreakerCollaborative_IMG_1743This summer session will culminate with a Friends & Family ride to the reservoir, where we will make ice cream and reflect on the summer before returning to school.  Thank you everyone for your support and participation!


Kate Copeland of the English Language Institute showed the youth how to harvest Zucchini.  The youth group created art and hung it on the fence as they enter the community gardening spaces to learn how Respect, Food, the Environment and Community are all interrelated.

ChainbreakerCollaborative__JDL8116The Chainbreaker Collaborative visit with Mayor funk and learn how he takes care of Newark and how we can help be part of that effort. He envisions an ideal community as being clean, friendly, and welcoming!

ChainbreakerCollaborative__JDL8163Youth and Facilitators sit in a park on Main Street and discuss their Scavenger Hut finds and how they were able to learn more about people, spread smiles and cheer, and interact with other community members.

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